Old Sparky Rocks!

We wanted a band that is easy, loud, fast, fun and mixes all of our favourite music styles (except maybe for country and schlager..but you never know, right 😛 ?).
So we are givin‘ you the perfect mix of Oldschool Hardcore, Early Punk Rock and God Damn Rock’n’Roll, Baby!

Well..Life sucks and then you die. But there’s hope: Come to an „Ol‘ Sparky“ Show – grab 1 or 20 beer(s), get drunk, party each other till death 🙂 Cya there!

Merch Stuff

You can get any colour (item and print) and size!
So for example you can get the college jacket also in „red/white“ or cute girlie „pink/white“ or any other colour.

Please use the contact form to order and please let us know which item, size and colour.

We will not make any profit on sold items, so prices are what WE do pay for the item, the print and the shipping!
Just ask us how much it will be and we send you the options with prices.

Be assured that the item itself and the printing are excellent quality, NO extreme shrinking and NO destroyed print after washing!

Contact us!

Got a show? Talk about life?